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Connectivity Topos


Messaging is a great medium for quick human interactions such as sending the user notifications, reminders, and triggering additional workflows complementary to an loT app. By embedding messaging within an application, the user experience - whether it's between subscribers, B2C, or B2B -becomes more personalized and contextual.



In loT, voice not only provides an improved user experience when a subscriber needs to make a call as part of the application experience, but it can also be used for speech recognition, bio-metric analysis, conferencing, broadcast, emergency services, and instructional audio. There will not only be a need for the voice feature within the loT application, but in many cases, it will require transcoding, analysis, media mixing, storage, and playback.


Cameras will be used to monitor equipment, remote areas, enterprise locations, public spaces and venues, and residences as well as enable face-to-face collaboration. Within loT applications, video can add an additional dimension of usability and context.

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